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Impress applicants and identify top candidates instantly.


More time for the really good candidates thanks to video application.

Mithilfe der Video-Bewerbung simulieren Sie die ersten 10 Minuten des Vorstellungsgesprächs schon bei Bewerbungseingang und erhalten direkt einen ersten persönlichen Eindruck Ihrer Bewerber. Fokussieren Sie sich von Beginn an auf die Top-Kandidaten und senken Sie ganz einfach Ihre Recruiting-Kosten.

Excellent application experience

Excellent application experience

Your candidates can apply to you personally and professionally within a few minutes. A unique application experience that is a lot of fun!

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60% cost savings

The video application allows you an excellent pre-selection of your candidates. You will save up to 60% of your recruiting costs.

Personal first impression on application receipt

Personal first impression on application receipt

Thanks to the application videos, you get a professional and personal first impression of all your candidates right from the start and can compare them easily.

It’s as simple as that

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Define your three most important questions.

There are no limits to your creativity. Ask questions about personality, motivation or qualification in order to get the best possible first impression. Of course, you can also use sample questions that have been used by other companies.

Candidates answer them as part of the application via video.

Candidates answer them as part of the application via video.

To apply, your candidates simply use the Talentcube app on their smartphone or web browser and answer your three questions via video. In addition to the videos, you will also receive a complete resume and other relevant documents. Your applicants have never been able to present themselves to you so easily and personally at the same time.

Video: The simplest application process for your candidates


Top-Kandidaten direkt identifizieren.

Watch the complete video applications directly in your personal web portal and get the important personal first impression instantly. Thanks to extensive evaluation and collaboration functionalities, you can easily discuss the right candidate selection with your colleagues and quickly invite top candidates to the next round.

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