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The ideal application process.

Simply apply via smartphone.

80% of applicants are already looking for jobs using their smartphone and would like to apply directly. Master this digital change with just a few clicks and make it easy for your applicants to apply via smartphone.

  • Häkchen Vorteile einer VideobewerbungSuper easy to use
  • Häkchen Vorteile einer Videobewerbungtutorials for the ideal preparation
  • Häkchen Vorteile einer Videobewerbungfirst-class application experience
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Of course also available for laptop & PC

Your candidates have a free choice.

Talentcube is available for all devices and your applicants can choose whether to apply via browser or smartphone.

  • Häkchen Vorteile einer VideobewerbungAvailable for all devices
  • Häkchen Vorteile einer Videobewerbungno installation required
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Applicants love Talentcube.

To apply, your candidates simply use their smartphone or browser and answer your three questions via video.

Thanks to the high level of applicant satisfaction, Talentcube has been awarded several times as one of the top career apps.

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Offer your candidates the best possible application experience.

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Because you’re important to us.

Personal support for you and your applicants.

We support you and your candidates throughout the entire application process. In our live chat we are there for you and your applicants around the clock. In this way we ensure that both - applicants and companies - experience an excellent application experience.

  • Häkchen Vorteile einer VideobewerbungFRIENDLY & PERSONAL SUPPORT
  • Häkchen Vorteile einer VideobewerbungCOMPREHENSIVE HELP CENTER
  • Häkchen Vorteile einer Videobewerbung100% user satisfaction