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Using Talentcube in your recruiting process is very easy. All you have to do is to register your positions on Talentcube. In this step, you also define three individual questions for which position, which mostly focus on personality and professional qualifications and are answered by each candidate during the application process. You then have the option of integrating Talentcube as an application channel on any job advertisement (whether external job exchange or your own career page). Alternatively, you can invite candidates who are already in your application process to a video interview via Talentcube in the second step before you decide which candidates you want to interview.
For every job that is registered on Talentcube, we create an individual landing page. This gives you as a company the opportunity to present yourself to your applicants in a short video, which is very well perceived by applicants. In addition, the process is explained to the candidates step by step on this page.
By offering Talentcube as an application channel directly on your job advertisement, candidates are notified of the video application via app. You also have the option of inviting applicants to the video application in the seconds step (after receiving a traditional application) using our system.
As a company, you only need an internet connection to use Talentcube and there is no extra installation needed. In order to offer Talentcube to your applicants as an application opportunity, you are completely independent of other platforms. This means that you can use Talentcube on job portals such as Monster or StepStone, on your own career page, at trade fairs or even in your own print media. For your applicants we provide an app for Android and iOS as well as a browser solution, which can all be used to apply for your open position.
All your data is securely stored on servers in Germany and can be accessed by you at any time.

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