Focus on your top candidates right from the beginning.

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First class employer branding

Present yourself as an innovative company right from the beginning. Strengthen your employer brand and inspire top talents.

100% mobile application experience

For the first time, your candidates can also simply apply to you via their smartphone.

Personal first impression on application receipt

Thanks to the application videos, you get a professional and personal first impression of all your candidates right from the start and can compare them easily.

Beispiel Bewerbungshomepage

It’s as simple as that

Invite candidates via email to a time-shifted video interview

Invite your applicants with a personal message to a time-shifted video interview and add an authentic impression to the classic application documents you have already received.

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Employer Branding

Present yourself and your company

You will receive a landing page for each open position. Gain the trust of your candidates right from the start of your application process. Introduce yourself as a recruiter and your company in a personal video.

  • Häkchen Vorteile einer VideobewerbungOWN COMANY VIDEO
  • Häkchen Vorteile einer VideobewerbungEasy onboarding for your applicants
  • Häkchen Vorteile einer VideobewerbungYour individual design

The new application standard

Receive authentic video applications

Your candidates apply directly via smartphone or via browser and have a unique application experience.

You will receive three personal videos in which the candidates simply answer the questions you have selected beforehand.

  • Häkchen Vorteile einer VideobewerbungEXPRESSIVE VIDEOS
  • Häkchen Vorteile einer VideobewerbungFIRST CLASS APPLICATION EXPERIENCE
  • Häkchen Vorteile einer VideobewerbungAVAILABLE FOR BROWSER AND SMARTPHONE
Beispiel Bewerbungshomepage

Identify top talents directly. Done.

Via your own web portal, all your video applications can be centrally managed and evaluated together with your team members.

  • Häkchen Vorteile einer VideobewerbungDIRECT PERSONAL FIRST IMPRESSION
  • Häkchen Vorteile einer VideobewerbungEVALUATE CANDIDATES IN THE TEAM
  • Häkchen Vorteile einer VideobewerbungPROFESSIONAL CANDIDATE MANAGEMENT


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Simply call or write us if you have any questions about the usage of Talentcube. We are looking forward to help you to successfully use our award winning solution.

Because you’re important to us.

Personal support for you and your applicants.

We support you and your candidates throughout the entire application process. In our live chat we are there for you and your applicants around the clock. In this way we ensure that both - applicants and companies - experience an excellent application experience.

  • Häkchen Vorteile einer VideobewerbungFRIENDLY & PERSONAL SUPPORT
  • Häkchen Vorteile einer VideobewerbungCOMPREHENSIVE HELP CENTER
  • Häkchen Vorteile einer Videobewerbung100% user satisfaction
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