Job search via smartphone is most popular

Why the use of Mobile
recruiting is so important for your business.

Mobile Recruiting - With the video application you have an ideal way of addressing all target groups

Ideal approach of target groups

Mobile Recruiting - Applicants are enthusiastic about the application experience via Talentcube App

Enthusiastic applicants

Mobile Recruiting - Increase your employer image with innovative recruiting processes

Positive employer branding

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Success Factor
Mobile Recruiting Mobile Recruiting - Research studies show that Mobile Recruiting is a success factor for companies

Mobile Recruiting - The majority of candidates would like to apply by mobile device

More than 70% of candidates would like to apply to companies via smartphone.

Mobile Recruiting - The majority of companies expect future investment in Mobile Recruiting

... of companies are convinced they need to invest more in mobile recruiting in the future.

Mobile Recruiting - Since 2014, the smartphone has been the most important medium to search for jobs.

Since 2014, the smartphone has been the most important medium for job search.

Mobile Recruiting - According to Absolventa 60% of candidates rate a lack of mobile optimization negatively

6 out of 10 candidates take a negative view on employers if they do not optimize their website for mobile devices.

Success Factor

Mobile Recruiting - 91% of all applicants enthusiastically complete the video application on Talentcube

... of all candidates using Talentcube successfully and enthusiastically complete their video application.

Das beste Bewerbungserlebnis auf dem Markt.

Mobile Recruiting - The majority of applicants complete the video application mobile via app

... of all candidates prefer downloading the app, even though there is an excellent browser solution.

Video Recruiting - With Talentcube you offer your candidates the best application experience available on the market.

The best application experience
on the market

Mobile Recruiting - Our support team helps applicants with questions around the clock

Personal support for you and your applicants.

Mobile Recruiting - Applicants love our Onboarding guide and tutorials

First-class onboarding
& tutorials

Mobile Recruiting - Applicants have the opportunity to save an application & continue later

Save application at any time
and continue later

Mobile Recruiting - Applicants are addressed personally via push messages

Personalized push notifications
for individual targeting

Mobile Recruiting - Applicants can easily import their resume from other apps

Simple CV upload to
always have it at hand

More than 20,000 applicants already got their dream job with Talentcube

Awarded as
Top-Career-App in Europe

Mobile Recruiting - Talentcube has been awarded several times as a top career app
Mobile Recruiting - The Talentcube App is rated 5 Stars

The best of classin Mobile Recruiting

Thanks to the high level of applicant satisfaction, Talentcube has been awarded several times as a top-career-app in the Apple AppStore. Another proof that you can rely on us as an expert in Mobile Recruiting.

Applicants love Talentcube.

Mobile Recruiting - Applicant Julia was particularly convinced by our great support
Mobile Recruiting - Applicant Julian was completely satisfied with the app

70% of companies feel worse off in mobile recruiting than their competitors. Be among the 30% who do it right!

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