60% cost savings during candidate selection

Identify top candidates directly thanks to video interviews

Video interview - The personal impression via video reduces the need for many job interviews

Significantly fewer job interviews

Video interview - Video applications allow you to view more candidates in less time

Screen more applicants in less time

Video Interview - Avoid unnecessary phone interviews with time-delayed video interviews

Eliminate telephone interviews

Video Interview - Talentcube enables an easy integration into your ATS

Easy to integrate into your ATS

Get a demo

Focus on the best applicants right from the beginning

Video interview - Video applications give you a personal first impression right from the very beginning

Immediate personal first impression

Get a professional and personal first impression of all your candidates right from the beginning with a video application.

Video interview - Standardized questions enable objective comparability of all applicants

Ideal comparability

Due to the standardized questions, you can objectively compare applicants and invite only top candidates to the interview.

Video-Interview - Talentcube is available on all devices

Available on all devices

Your candidates can conduct the video interview on any device, whether it's a smartphone or a laptop.

There are no limits to the areas of use for video interviews

Video-Interview - Our customer AOK uses the Video-Application for recruiting apprentices

In any case, we at the AOK draw a positive conclusion: The response was and is good, we have hired some of the applicants - and received feedback that they find the application via video very good and up-to-date.

Klemens Kühnle
Coordinator Apprenticeships

Use cases

Video interview - Our customer Lufthansa uses the video application for internal talent management

Thanks to Talentcube, we were able to successfully implement our ‚Top Talents for Top Management‘ project and make qualified potentials visible.

Mrs. Yonca Oezmentekin
Talent Management

Use cases

Internal recruiting
Video Interview - Our customer Roche uses the video application for all their departments

The video application enables us to assess the applicant’s identification with our company or association much faster and better than the cover letter. It is precisely this common club culture that makes us fit for the future.

Philipp Bower
Head of Personnel

Use cases

Consultants & Young Professionals
Video Interview - Our customer Österreichische Post uses the video application to hire young professionals

Talentcube has enabled us to take a completely new step in getting to know personalities in the recruiting journey. The CV is made much more tangible in a simple way. Also our departments can gain much more impression in the 1st step. We used the tool for our internship and trainee program. Really GREAT!

Susanna Horky
Head of Talent Management

Use cases

Internship & Trainee Program
Video interview - Our customer FESTO uses the video application for recruiting IT trainees

The use of video recruiting has significantly streamlined our application process. The video application means that less interview time is required to determine whether the applicant fits.

Daniel Wulf
Head of HR

Use cases

Consultants & Young Professionals

It’s that

Your most important questions

Define the interview questions
for your applicants

Create a 100% customizable questionnaire in just a few clicks, with questions about personality, motivation or qualification.

For each position to be filled, you can of course define other questions that are ideally tailored to the requirements of the position.

Video Interview - Define three questions for your candidates Video Interview - Enable candidates to directly apply via video
It’s as simple as that

Invite candidates via email to an
on-demand video interview

Invite your applicants with a personal message to an on-demand video interview and add an authentic impression to the traditional application documents you have already received.

Video Interview - Invite top candidates simply via email Video Interview - Enable candidates to directly apply via video
Communication at eye level

Present yourself
and your company

For each open position you will receive your own so-called landing page. Gain the trust of your candidates at the beginning of your application. Introduce yourself as a recruiter and your company in a personal video.

  • Häkchen Vorteile einer VideobewerbungYOUR OWN COMPANY VIDEO
  • Häkchen Vorteile einer VideobewerbungYOUR INDIVIDUAL DESIGN
  • Häkchen Vorteile einer VideobewerbungPersonal address of your applicants
Excellent candidate experience

You will receive authentic
video interviews

Your candidates apply directly via smartphone or browser and have a unique application experience.

In addition to the video interviews, you will also receive a complete CV and all important documents, which your applicants can of course easily upload via Talentcube.

  • Häkchen Vorteile einer VideobewerbungEXPRESSIVE VIDEOS
  • Häkchen Vorteile einer VideobewerbungFIRST CLASS CANDIDATE EXPERIENCE
  • Häkchen Vorteile einer VideobewerbungAVAILABLE FOR BROWSER AND SMARTPHONE

Identify top talents directly. Get to know them. Hire them.

Via your own web portal, all your video applications can be centrally managed and evaluated together with your team members.

  • Häkchen Vorteile einer VideobewerbungDIRECT PERSONAL FIRST IMPRESSION
  • Häkchen Vorteile einer VideobewerbungEVALUATE CANDIDATES IN THE TEAM
  • Häkchen Vorteile einer VideobewerbungPROFESSIONAL CANDIDATE MANAGEMENT
Video Interview - Easily identify the top candidates and hire them

Consultation without obligation

Talk to one of our experienced HR consultants about the successful implementation of video recruiting in your organisation. Simply take your recruiting process to a whole new level.

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Strengthen your employer branding
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